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When Your Kitten Needs to Be Boarded: The Questions You Need to Ask

by Loan Martin

It can be hard to leave a child behind when you go on holiday, particularly if they're young. This feeling can certainly extend to any "children" you might have that are of the four-legged variety. Boarding a kitten comes with a different set of responsibilities and things to be aware of than if you were boarding an adult cat. So if you need to go away for a while and leave your kitten behind, what are some of the things you need to be aware of?

Home or Away

Your kitten can be more comfortable staying at home, but it all depends if you can find someone to take care of him or her. The person needs to be around to stick to the feeding schedule you've determined and to give the kitten enough attention. This can certainly work if you're only going to be away for a few days, but when it comes to an extended absence, a well-chosen cattery is a better idea.

Choosing a Cattery

Don't be afraid to inspect a number of boarding facilities like Welcome Boarding Kennels & Cattery. Your precious pet is important to you, and you need to be reassured that you're leaving them in the best possible hands. The boarding facilities are no doubt used to anxious parents giving their place a once-over before making a decision. Here are some questions you should be asking:

  • Are dogs boarded at the same facility? And if so, are they kept far away from the cat population? Nearby dogs (or loud barking) can stress out a kitten who is not used to it.
  • Will your kitten be kept in its own enclosure or will it have to share? Many catteries offer a number of accommodation options with varying prices. If you opt for single accommodation for your kitten, will someone come and play with him or her a few times each day?
  • If the kitten is to be kept with other animals, are they kittens of a comparable age and size? You don't want your feline to be bullied by the "bigger kids."
  • Is the cattery able to maintain the feeding schedule you've determined? And what type of food do they provide to their residents? If you're set on having your kitten eat a particular type of food, the cattery can fulfill your wishes if you provide them with a sufficient supply. Don't expect to receive any kind of discount for this though!


It's important to ensure that your kitten's vaccinations are well up to date prior to boarding. Discuss the matter with your vet, and some vaccinations might be able to be given slightly earlier than planned to ensure adequate protection prior to boarding. Even if your kitten is to be kept on their own for the majority of their stay, they can come into contact with other cats during their time at the cattery.

By remembering to ask the right questions, you can be sure that your kitten will be well-looked after while you're away, which will certainly leave you "feline good" about the whole thing.