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Tips On Grooming And Bathing Your Pug

by Loan Martin

Pugs are a popular small breed of companion dog.  Even though they are short-coated, you should still groom your pug regularly to help keep his coat in good condition.  It's a good idea to ask your local mobile dog grooming service to give your pet a thorough, professional treatment once in a while. 

Meanwhile, here's a quick overview on a weekly grooming routine for your pug.

What you'll need

  • soft brush
  • coat rake
  • cotton wool balls
  • baby wipes

How to do it

Pugs generally shed their coats twice each year, once in the spring and once in the autumn.  A bitch may also shed when she comes into season. 

  1. If your pug is casting his or her coat, you should begin the grooming routine by using the coat rake to gently remove any loose hair.  This helps to keep the coat looking good and prevents the shed hair from ending up all over your carpets and furniture!  Be gentle with the rake so as not to scratch your pet's skin and only use the rake on the body, avoiding bony areas, such as the face and legs.  Always follow the direction of hair growth so that the hair comes away easily and without pulling on your pet's skin.  
  2. Now use a soft brush to go over the whole dog.  This helps to lay the coat flat and helps to draw natural oils through the hair, leaving it flat and nicely hydrated.  
  3. Pugs have lots of wrinkles around their nose and face, which can gather dirt and leftover food debris.  If left, this debris can cause soreness and infection so you'll need to clean it out.  Very gently, wipe over all the wrinkles with a baby wipe, until the area is clean.  
  4. Your dog's eyes can accumulate 'sleep' and gunk each day.  Remove this by using a damp cotton wool ball and gently wiping away any debris.  Use a separate pad for each eye to avoid transferring bacteria.  
  5. Finally, check your pug's ears for dirt and wax.  You can gently clean away any muck that's visible by wiping around the inside of the ear flap with a moist cotton wool ball.  Never try to push the cotton wool into the ear as this could cause your dog pain, as well as potentially causing damage to the ear's inner structures. If the ears are smelly or your dog is continually scratching them, seek veterinary advice.

In conclusion

You can groom your pug on a daily basis by following the guidelines given above.  It's also a good idea to have your pug bathed and groomed professionally by a good mobile dog groomer in your area a couple of times a year.