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  • Tips On Grooming And Bathing Your Pug

    29 November 2016

    Pugs are a popular small breed of companion dog.  Even though they are short-coated, you should still groom your pug regularly to help keep his coat in good condition.  It's a good idea to ask your local mobile dog grooming service to give your pet a thorough, professional treatment once in a while.  Meanwhile, here's a quick overview on a weekly grooming routine for your pug. What you'll need soft brush coat rake cotton wool balls baby wipes How to do it

  • How to Care for Your Cat After Tooth Extraction

    25 May 2016

    There are several reasons why an animal surgeon may need to pull one or more of your cat's teeth. Stomatitis, infection, and gingivitis can all result in the need for extraction; in some cases, an extraction of all teeth will be required. Cats often adapt to the change better than owners expect, but there are still some vital things to do to make sure your kitty recovers properly and doesn't experience too much pain.

  • Three Great Reasons to Foster a Cat

    6 January 2016

    You might be thinking about adopting or buying a cat, but have you ever taken the time to consider fostering? You'll bring a cat that would have gone to a shelter into your home instead, providing a temporary refuge before they can be permanently adopted. It might not be something you've previously thought about, but it comes with a number of benefits. 1. A Paw in the Water Adopting a cat is a big commitment.