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Three Great Reasons to Foster a Cat

by Loan Martin

You might be thinking about adopting or buying a cat, but have you ever taken the time to consider fostering? You'll bring a cat that would have gone to a shelter into your home instead, providing a temporary refuge before they can be permanently adopted. It might not be something you've previously thought about, but it comes with a number of benefits.

1. A Paw in the Water

Adopting a cat is a big commitment. After all, the average life span of a cat is 12-15 years, and the oldest on record passed away at an impressive 38 years and 3 days. With that in mind, it's no wonder that plenty of would-be owners aren't sure whether they're ready to offer a forever home, especially when they've never actually owned a cat before.

Fostering is a great option for anyone still on the fence. You get to see what its actually like to care for a cat full-time without the commitment that comes along with full adoption. You might even find that you like the experience enough to take the cat on permanently!

2. Cat-Like Flexibility   

Owning a cat is great, but, as with any pet, it will mean that you take on a certain amount of responsibility. Of course, cats can be left on their own a little longer than dogs, but you won't be able to just take off for a weekend away, and you certainly won't be free to jet off on holiday without making the appropriate arrangements.

There are always people you can get to look after your kitty, but it can still be hard to leave them. That's why fostering is a great option for those who take plenty of holidays.

3. Helping a Kitty in Need

Finally, the most compelling reason to foster is that you'll be providing a helping paw to a cat in need. Many cats find life in a shelter quite overwhelming, despite everything that the carers do to prevent them from feeling so. In the worst case, a lack of cages might mean that a cat must be put to sleep.

As a fosterer, you provide a temporary refuge where a cat can feel more at home. Better yet, you'll often be able to bring a shy cat out of its shell, getting it ready to go to its forever home with renewed confidence. There really are few things more rewarding than seeing a cat which has had a bad time grow in assurance.

Fostering is a great opportunity for both you and the cat, so make sure you discuss the option with a local cattery like Cottage Kennels & Cattery if you think it might work for you.